Thursday 11/29 - Today we found Bieber dirt, talked about 'The Hangover' 3 and other stuff.

  • Dirt from Justin Bieber's hometown For Sale

    You...Yes You could own a part of J-Beebs. Dirt collected from his home town was available for sale on eBay. The latest word is that it sold early today.
  • Kesha's EP is called 'Deconstructed'

    I was right today when I said that Ke Dollar Ha's website only EP that comes out the same day are her 'Warrior' album is called 'Deconstructed.'

  • No Tyson in 'Hangover III'

    Mike Tyson says he has heard nothing about being in 'The Hangover III.' The movie finished filming early in November and Mike tells TMZ that he has not done anything for the movie.

  • Watching Movie Trailers - A Great Way to Look Like You're Working