Friday 12/7/12 - Today on the show we talked about Anchorman 2, Grammy snubs, Kesha and fake Twitter.

  • Kristen Wigg May Be in 'Anchorman 2'

    Former SNL star Kristen Wigg may play Brick's love interest in the 'Anchorman' sequel.

  • Here's Another 'Anchorman' Clip - Just Cuz It's Friday

  • Justin Bieber and One D Got No Grammy Noms

    One D and J-Beebs did get any Grammy nominations this week. The Beeb's manager Scooter took to Twitter to complain. Then Nanny told him to go back to the nursery because Kermit and Fozzy were looking for him, it was nap time.

  • Kesha + Calvin Harris Sittin' In a Tree...

    Kesha and Calvin Harris were spotted kissing recently and they collaborated on some music.

  • Fake Twitter Gets Taylor

    It seems that Eminem's Daughter didn't talk smack about Taylor Swift on Twitter this week. A rep for Em says that it was another fake Hallie account.