Tuesday 11/20/12 - Today we looked forward to holiday traffic, Ed Sheran, SNL and of course Weird AL.

  • Thanksgiving Traffic

    Today we are looking forward to holiday traffic at 26th Street and I-229 and 57th and Western (Sioux Falls level of traffic anyways).

    google maps
  • Mr Bond Goes to Afghanistan

    Daniel Craig dropped in on British troops in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion. The actor joined 800 soldiers, sailors and airmen at the base as they watched 'Skyfall.'

  • Taylor Swift says Ed Sheeran is the Most In Demand Songwriter in the World.

    Taylor Swift, who worked with Sheeran on her chart-topping 2012 album 'Red', says she thinks Sheeran could go on to become one of his generation's most successful and greatest songwriters. She worked with Ed on her album 'Red.'

  • Ne-Yo Will Be On SNL

    Ne-Yo will join Jamie Foxx on Saturday Night Live on December 8th.

  • Taylor Swift Gets Death Threats

    Rumor is that Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction are an item. And One D fans have taken to Twitter to pass on their feelings...in the form of death threats.So yea, that happened.

  • Weird Al + Avril Because Why Not?