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  • World War Z Trailer

    The trailer for the World War Z movie is out. The book is one of my favorite books of all time. And I am a well known zombie aficionado and have been looking forward to this for years. First take: Good action, cool music and...well...umm...the zombies were there. Kind of. I want it to be good so I'll wait to see more.

  • Transformers 4 Update.

    Mark Wahlburg is confirmed to be in Transformers 4. The plan is for the movie to come out 2014.

  • America's Funnest Home Videos celebrates 500th show. Something, Something kick in the crotch.

    America's Funnest Home Videos will air it's 500th show.

  • Movie Stuff

    Stephen Spielberg's 'Lincoln' opens this weekend. I can't wait to see the 'Jurassic Park' director's take on the vampire hunting years.. Daniel Day-Lewis is set to drink Jeff Dave's milkshake...There will be no 'Top Gun 2' because of Tony Scott's death in August.