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  • I Finally Saw The Hunger Games Movie.

    I love the Hunger Games book and I love Jennifer Larwance. The problem I when I watch a movie based on a book is that I end up board. I know what will happen. I love watching Jennifer act, Winter's Bone is one of my all time favorites. The movie wasn't bad just a bland experience. What made it all better was watching the Rifftrax of the movie.

  • How About More J-Law? OK!

  • Gaga Donates One Million.

    Lady Gaga donated $1,000,000 to the Red Cross for Sandy relief.

  • Mark Wahlberg Might Be In Transformers 4

    Micheal Bay says that the internet may have talked him into putting Mark Wahlberg in Transformer 4.

  • Ukrainian Singer Says Call Me Maybe is a Rip Off Of Her Song

    Ukrainian singer AZA accused Jepsen and Scooter Braun (her manager) of copying parts of her song "Hunky Santa" when they made "Call Me Maybe."