Oh yea! Football Sunday is almost here. I can''t wait to gather around the TV with my family and eat some questionably cheese based snacks. My wife will have on her Carolina Panthers shirt and we will start the day with coverage from around the country on the NFL Network. Then we will settle in for a long day on the gridiron.

The only decision I still have to make is which book to read while my wife watched the games?








I'm about 400 pages in Under The Dome by Stephen King. Its really good but King does such a good job with the characters that I have to take breaks because they remind me of people I grew up with.

I also just started Suervolcano by Harry Turtledove. It's story about an eruption of Yellowstone Park. And a while ago I started reading Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games book.

I just got Neil Strauss' Emergency. About, um, emergencies I guess.

There is also the book by the Reno 911 guys, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, I'm about a dozen pages into that.

I also want to read the rest of the Emberverse series by S.M. Sterling, especially before Revolution starts on Monday.

So many options. Oh Man! football Sunday is going to rock! I can't wait