Since High School I have always had a significant other to celebrate the Holidays with. I was either married or had a boyfriend. This will be the first year in many that I won't have someone special to spend it with.

I can think of a bunch of reasons why this sucks. But instead I am going to give you reasons why it's good to be single during Christmas!

  • I don't have to buy a present for a guy who is probably hard to buy a present for. Save myself 6 hours.
  • Saved $200 in not buying a present.
  • Not having to go to his parents house.
  • Not having to buy a gift for his parents and siblings.
  • Not having to worry about if his parents will let us sleep in the same bed when we visit.
  • You can kiss anyone you want to under the mistletoe.
  • Not having the awkwardness of going to his parents for Christmas for the first time.
  • You get your own gift and not a "couple gift"
  • Not having to answer the question "When are you guys getting married?"
  • You get to watch whatever YOU want to watch on TV.
  • You can wear your old sweats instead of something cute on Christmas morning.
  • You don't have to spend time giving him hints of what you want for Christmas, you can just buy it for yourself!

Merry Christmas to me!