There was a new survey done by a detergent company that says if you want to get the chicks wear PURPLE, so I would say that if you are a Vikings fan you're not only awesome but you will get the dates when your wearing your Vikings primary color!

Here is how the survey broke down:

  • Purple 36% of women said they were most likely t accept a date from a guy in a purple shirt.
  • Black 32%
  • White 13%
  • Blue 11%
  • Pink 6%

Also in the survey 28% of women say they reject a guy if they didn't like his outfit and only 14% of men said that was the reason for rejection.

Clothes are the biggest deal breaker in the survey with 3 out of 5 women saying they didn't like what they were wearing, 17% said the hair cut was most important and 9% their shoes.

So guys get a hair cut, a Vikes jersey and some nice shoes and you might get that date!