Election Day is coming up quick. If you've decided to skip early voting and are planing to go to your assigned polling place on the day, here's some things to know courtesy of the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota.

  • Election day 2016 is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. We'll be voting for President as well as several state offices and voting on some laws. The day of the election will not change, everybody who is registered can vote on that day.
  • Polls are open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM. You have the right to vote if you’re in line or inside your polling place when the polls close. If you are inside or in line you cannot be turned away at closing time.
  • To find your polling place (where you vote) go HERE, you can also see a sample ballot.
  • You MUST bring a photo I.D. with you to vote.
  • Accepted forms of ID:
    • South Dakota Driver’s License or nondriver ID card
    • U.S. government photo I.D.
    • U.S. Armed Forces I.D.
    • Current student photo I.D. card from a South Dakota high school or accredited institution of higher learning
    • Tribal photo I.D.
  • If you do not have a photo I.D., you can sign a personal identification affidavit, and will still be allowed to vote a regular ballot.
  • If your work schedule prevents you from being able to vote on election day when the polls are open, employers are required to allow you time off to vote, without penalty or deduction in your wages. It's recommended that you ask your employer for time off before Election Day. Your employer has the right to specify which hours you get to take. (S.D. Codified Laws Ann. § 12-3-5)
  • If you need help voting, because of a physical disability or difficulty reading or writing in English, tell a poll worker when you get to the polling place. And If you need instructions on how to use the voting equipment, ask a poll worker for help. Poll workers are required to help you at any time you ask, even after you've entered the voting booth.
  • If you're not on the voter list, ask a poll worker to check the list again and to confirm you are at the right polling place. Sow your registrations card or sample ballot
    if you have it, or offer to spell your name. If you still believe you are registered to vote and are in the correct polling place, you may cast a vote using a provisional ballot.
  • A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility. When you cast a provisional ballot, you will be sent a notice within
    13 days whether you ballot was counted or not counted. If the ballot
    was not counted, you will be told of the reason.
  • If you find out you are at the wrong polling place, ask a poll worker to help you find the polling place where you are registered so you can go to the right polling place. You can also call your county clerk or look up your polling place here.
  • If you make a mistake you can return your ballot to the poll workers and they will give you a new one.
  • It is against the law in South Dakota to campaign at a poling place, interfere with a voter or try to shame or encourage anyone to vote anyway. (S.D. Codified Laws Ann. § 12-18-3)
  • If someone tries to intimidate or harass you tell a poll worker. If a poll worker is a problem, tell a poll watcher, call your county clerk and/or the Secretary of State. You can also call Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683). If you don't feel safe call the police.

Minnehaha County Clerk: (605) 367-5900

South Dakota Secretary of State (605) 773-3537.

Source: ACLU of South Dakota

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