Last Monday, 57-year-old Andrew Laviguer walked into a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon to rob it. He showed a fake gun to the teller and made off with an unspecified amount of money.

Upon making his getaway he discovered a problem I have almost every morning when I leave for work: he couldn't find his keys. For some reason, Laviguer removed his keys from his pocket during the course of the crime and did not put them back.

Without being able to make his car function Laviguer did what every little kid who just did something bad has done throughout human history, he ran away. He found refuge in a nearby office building where he was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Since forgetting your keys at the scene of the crime sounds like a rookie mistake, you'll be surprised to know Laviguer is not a rookie. He was wanted for 5 other robberies in the area.