Kudos to a Platte, South Dakota grandparent for being so observant. His keen eye prevented what could have been a tragedy for some young child attempting to enjoy a day on playground equipment in a Platte city park.

Authorities say someone tampered with a baby swing at a park in Platte by rigging it with fishing hooks.

On Saturday, October 1, a man was just about to place his young granddaughter in the swing at South Park in Platte when he noticed it had been tampered with.

According to police, two fishing hooks were fastened to both sides of the swing with fishing line. That particular swing appeared to be the only one tampered with at the park.

Fortunately, authorities have already found a juvenile they believe is responsible for altering the swing.

The swing has since been returned to its normal condition and is safe for the public to use once again.

Source: KOTA News

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