Even though Automania doesn't start till Friday, if you drive around Brandon, there's a buzz of activity, and really cool cars are cruising the streets already!

Model numbers, the year, the type of engine totally escape me, but I love the look of the chrome, the detailing and classic designed dashboards that don't compare to the finest new car rolling off the lot today.

Drive on one of the main roads through Brandon and you'll see anything from a 1950's era Chevy that's been lovingly restored, to Todd's Nova, parked right outside of his family's business, Blaine's Gas station.  You should have heard his Nova when he started it up for me.

This GTO and its owner are from Brandon.  Back at home 3 other vintage cars sit in the garage...all awaiting their time to shine at Automania, starting Friday at 3pm in Brandon.

Welcome banners are everywhere and the pedestrian walkways and fencing are being prepared.  If you have time before Automania starts, take a drive through Brandon and see the cars arriving early.  If you happen to have a 1966 Red convertible Mustang, with the thundering Mustangs embossed on the back seat...you're driving my dream car!

In addition to the cars, there's music food and lots of people to connect with over your mutual love of amazing vehicles.