I don't  know why Mondays are so hard to get through sometimes! This is one of those Mondays, where I can't talk (kind of important in my job), can't concentrate, (again, rather important), my fingers are hitting all the wrong keys on the keybardo, uh- keyboard and I seem to be caught in a strange inertia, moving forward but making no progress. So, I thought perhaps we could all use some advice on getting through days like this.

Whether Mondays are your nemesis or any other work day of the week; here are some suggestions from author, speaker and teacher, Gina DeLapa from her article-10 Cures for 'The Mondays' and my thoughts on them.

  • Laugh- -of all of her suggestions, in my opinion, this is the most important! If you can still laugh when all hell is breaking loose, you've got a good grip on reality. As my beloved mom always use to say, "Cheer up, it could always be worse!" Which is probably why we laughed so much, (believe it or not) while we were planning her funeral! She was a funny, bawdy broad and we knew she would have been laughing too!
  • Learn something new- -this is an idea which has guided me through most of my life, not just when I'm having an off day. You're never too old to do this and it's not like you have to go out and learn Mandarin or French or anything. Just open your mind, let your curiosity guide you and all of a sudden you know something you didn't before and you're just that much smarter for it!
  • Take the time to bless someone else's life- -Again this is something that can be as big as a charitable donation or donation of time, or as small as praising a co-worker's efforts or hugging a friend who needs one. The depth and breadth to which you take this suggestion is up to you, but it seems that most of us feel better about ourselves, when we do something meaningful for someone else.

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