I was driving through eastern Minnesota last week when I stopped at a gas station to fill up and looked over and saw something I hadn't seen in a long time: a payphone.

Do you remember using one of these?  Before everyone had cell phones, pay phones were everywhere.

I can remember using a pay phone in high school to call long distance and the operator would break in and tell me that I need to "please add .25 cents for the next 3 minutes."

Now that just about everyone has a phone in their pocket, are there any payphones still left in Sioux Falls?

I check online and found The Payphone Project website.  It lists over a hundred Sioux Falls payphones with phone numbers.  I didn't call them all, but everyone I called has been disconnected.

My guess is that payphones have now officially gone the way of the VCR, BoomBox, & Typewriter... and most of my wardrobe.

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