On a recent trip to northern Minnesota I was confronted with the realization that Mr. Bendo of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (pictured left) may be closely related to Paul Bunyan of Brainerd, Minnesota (pictured right).

Mr. Bendo has been out front of Buck’s Mufflers in Sioux Falls on the corner of S. Cliff Avenue and East 12th Street since 1963.

Paul Bunyan has been in the Brainerd Lakes area for over 50 years.  He used to reside at the Paul Bunyan Amusement Center but has since been moved to an amusement park east of Brainerd called This Old Farm.

Take a look at the resemblance.  Same hips.  Same shoulders.  Same kung fu grip.  Are they brothers?  Were they separated at birth?  Anyone know if Mr. Bendo has a Blue Ox?