Sioux Falls Area Humane Society has stopped accepting animal surrenders because they are at capacity.

This is a great time to adopt a dog because there is still very mild November weather to help in the outdoor training before winter sets in.

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is also a great place to adopt a cat. Pepper, the magnificent beast pictured above, is the lovable feline we took in last year and has been a very nice addition to the family.

They're not for everyone, but lizards and other scaly reptiles also need a home. Just make sure you have some basic knowledge about them; the right environment, heating, plus day and night lamps, and crickets. Lots of crickets. We know because we have Frank Gore, a feisty leopard gecko.

According to KDLT, the rush of surrenders peaked during a seven-day period from October 19 - 26, when nearly 200 animals were brought to the Humane Society.

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