Today, Mayor Mike Huether will announce his top 10 accomplishments that the city of Sioux Falls had in the last year. He's got his list, I have mine. I know he will leave some out. So here is my list of the top 10 Sioux Falls feats from 2012.

10. Saved Elitist 69th and Minnesota neighborhood from Walmart without sounding at all hypocritical for not opposing HyVee in the same location years earlier.

9. Starting construction of a wall to keep illegal Iowans from entering the state.

8. Tricking Allstate into giving Sioux Falls the safest driving city award while actually being home to the worst drivers in America.

7. Banning young professional hipsters from wearing cheesy "Sioux Falls is super awesome" t-shirts.

6. Continued mocking Sioux City like a little brother for being small and smelling funny.

5. The City of Sioux Falls was able to halt a movement to start pronouncing the X in Sioux.

4. Sioux Falls completely eliminated texting while driving. They passed a law, so no one's doing it, right?

3. Sioux Falls finally eclipsed Las Vegas for the city with the most casinos in America.

2. T. Denny Sanford Premiere Center - Not the building, but for having sold the longest name for any arena in the world.

1. After 2 years of testing, Sioux Falls still can't make up its mind on snow gates, earning the new nickname "Sioux Favre."