Monday was a really ordinary day. I did the morning show, hit the gym, back to the office, ran some errands. I was on my way to pick up the kids when my phone rang at 4:12pm. It was my wife.

Crystal: Hi! So I was sitting in a meeting and I was watching the clock and I have contractions that are five minutes apart.

Me:  Uh, duh, guh, bluh, huh?

Crystal: Yeah, so I'm going to finish up work here and then I'll be home. You want to see if your mom can come pick up the kids at daycare?

Me:  Yuh, gah ta da ka wha?

I really don't remember much after that. I know I called my mom and our daycare but I don't remember the conversations. I turned around and went home and started packing a bag for Crystal: two tooth brushes, her makeup bag, every hair care product in the bathroom, two shirts that won't fit her for a few months, no pants of any kind, two pairs of her underwear, one pair of my underwear, a roll of quarters, five Hershey Kisses, and one sock (hers not mine).

A mere five hours and twelve minutes after that phone call, our second son arrived. Esia James (pronounced "Eh-sigh-uh") was born on January 7, 2013 at 9:24pm, weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces, measuring 20.5 inches long. He is named after Crystal's grandfather and father.

Esia was so excited to see us that he didn't care about beating his big brother Rockley's family record of 9 pounds 12 ounces. He was about three weeks early so he's staying in the NICU for a little while. He's doing well and we should be able to take him home soon. Meanwhile he's laying in his 'Yellow Baby Tanning Bed' and rocking out to Motley Crue on Daddy's mp3 player. So far, his favorite songs seems to be "Dr. Feelgood" and "Time For Change."