Dancing With the Stars has had inspiring contestants before, but Amy Purdy is by far the most compelling and amazing to watch.

This week on the show the celebs had to do a dance inspired by the most memorable year in their lives.  Amy chose 1999.  The year she got meningitis and lost her kidneys and legs.

Not only is her story of bravery inspiring, but also her parents.  They helped her through it all.  Her dad even gave her his kidney.

Grab a tissue and enjoy her contemporary dance.

Now, just for good measure I wanted to throw in a steamy foxtrot from Meryl Davis and Maks.

Her story of course is about winning the gold medal at the Olympics, which is a great accomplishment, but seriously this dance with Maks is hot.

Did I spot some lip action in there.

Unfortunately, Billy Dee Williams had to say goodbye due to injury.  That however, meant everyone else was safe.

So everyone else goes on to dance another day.