Summer TV really sucks.  It is just tons of reruns and some dumb new shows that are usually reality/game/dating shows.

This Summer, I found relief from Summer TV blahs on ABC Family.  Sometimes I think I'm a little too old to watch ABC Family, but then I remember I don't care.  They had new episodes of some of their best shows and started a couple good dramas as well.

I got myself reacquainted with 'Switched At Birth'

'Switched At Birth' is the story of two girls, Bay and Daphne, who find out that they were switched at birth and their two families from different cultures and economic status try to co-habitate. Daphne contracts meningitis as a child and as a result is deaf.  The show features a lot of deaf actors and tons of sign language.

I started watching 'The Fosters'

'The Fosters' is a show that just tugs on my heart strings.  I really feel for the kids in this family.  This show really touches on a lot of hot button issues.  For example, an interracial lesbian couple are the heads of the household.  The children are all dealing with emotional damage due to having been given up for adoption or placed in the foster system.  Then, of course, there is some teen dating drama, which always keeps things interesting.  In the first season there has already been selling of prescription meds, reports of sexual abuse, a controversial morning after pill episode, bullying, gun fire, and so much more.

And lastly, the show that keeps me guessing the most, 'Twisted'

'Twisted' focuses on Danny Desai.  The young man who came back to town after being in juvenile detention for five years for killing his aunt at age 11.  He won't say why he did it, just that he had to.  He comes back hoping everything will be the same, but it's not.  His two best friends, Lacey and Jo, don't speak to each other anymore and when high school student, Regina, winds up dead after a party, he is suspect number one.  Then of course there is a teenage love square.  Danny likes Lacey.  Lacey has a boyfriend, Archie.  Jo likes Danny, but her best guy pal, Rico, likes her.  Did you get all that?  Ya, and throw in a murder mystery. Crazy.