Vintage vinyl is growing in popularity in Sioux Falls and Steve Zastrow explains why, as he drops the needle on a record.

Analog music has not been broken down into zeros and ones, digitized, and then reassembled.  There's a certain connection that your brain can just sense it's a more natural sound.


Others who agree with Zastrow are now searching through the racks at his new store Crosstown Vinyl at 11th and Walts in Sioux Falls. There are 5,000 albums in stock with another 10,000 warehoused and soon to be added to the racks.

A whole new generation is discovering and collecting albums, the ones who grew up listening to their parents' albums:

They're surprisingly knowledgeable and they're buying records. I think that's cool.

Beth Warden/Results Radio

And the most sought after genres are Jazz, Classic Rock from the 1970's, and punk music.  Zastrow says he sold every album from The Clash on the first day his store opened.

If you need to buy a record player again, Zastrow suggests to be very careful when buying used.  Test the ones at second hand stores or garage sales first to make sure they work before you buy, or better yet buy refurbished or new from a reputable dealer.  A brand new turntable for $200 to $300 dollars usually gets customers on their way.

There are at least 6 stores in South Dakota that sell pre-owned records and multiple stores that offer brand new records.