The words of advice given were simple,

If you have a dream, don't wait until you are too old or can't do it, just do it.

Those were the words of advice given to a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania man from his father.  Ivan Stoltzfus had the dream of traveling the country in style.  But not in the car of his dreams or even an RV.   Stoltzfus will be driving a tractor.

66-year old Stoltzfus restored a 1948 John Deere tractor, added a 1984 Peter Built cab, then added all the necessary upgrades needed according to the Department of Transportation to make the journey that should take about three months.

Jesse Knaub

Living by the words of his father that passed away five years ago, Stoltzfus quit his job to take the ride of his dreams.  But it's not just a ride for fun or to prove he can do it.  Stoltzfus has the plan of raising about one million dollars on the cross-country trip that he will donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Jesse Knaub

Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett is backing Stoltzfus' dream.  Governor Corbett  met with Stoltzfus letting him know that he will be contacting all the Governors of the states he will be driving his 1948 John Deere tractor through to gain more support.

The only problem Stoltzfus is facing comes from the Pennsylvania DOT.  They have been in contact with Stoltzfus, and told him that he would need several permits from each Pennsylvania township that he will be traveling through and would be required to conduct traffic studies.  But that is not deterring Stoltzfus, who has been in contact with state officials trying to get the matter finalized before he begins his cross-country trip on April 26, 2014.  He will be starting his dream-ride in New Jersey, and says that if he is not allowed to take his tractor through Pennsylvania, he will find a different route around the state.

To see the route that Stoltzfus is planning on taking, (which does take him through Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska), visit    You can also visit the website to donate to the 'The Wounded Warriors Project' by credit card or check and to watch the journey by his webcam that will be activated when he starts his journey on April 26.  Ivan Stoltzfus....Changing Lives One Mile At A Time.

Jesse Knaub