Dear lickusilly2011,

You and the others out there that go to online dating sites just to hook up give the guys on there looking for a real relationship a bad name!

Let's start with your name...lickusilly2011 REALLY? I know what it means and its so not appropriate but considering what your looking for I know why you put that as your profile name. Women look at the profile name and picture first and then we read the profile.

And speaking of profile pics, you don't have one! I wrote in my profile I will not communicate with those who do not have a profile pic where we can clearly see what they look like.  Not to mention your idea of a first date is vulgar and its not just because I don't like mustaches. It's because that is NOT any decent person's idea of a first date. Although, I find it funny and entertaining and just laugh at you. You send me a message to read your profile and  in it you clearly state you want an NSA (no strings attached) fling!  It's obvious you didn't read MY profile where it clearly states I DON'T want that!  Come on, this is not the website for that.

There are websites set up for people that want what  you do, a meaningless relationship with just sex. And if that is how you want to live your life I don't care. But live it on those sites! The "FREE" online dating sites have now become gross and full of dirty old men like you Mr Lickusilly2011!!!

I'd like to mention that you are also 48 years old and I am 34. I state on my profile, if you would of took the time to read it, I don't want to date anyone older than 37. You are closer to the age of my dad... ewwww! That is NOT for ME!

What I find even more interesting is you have used your profile as a personal blog of YOU being upset at people blocking you on the site. I don't understand how you can be offended when your profile is OFFENSIVE!  I myself blocked you because you made me feel uncomfortable.

As you state on your profile "It's 2012 let's be grownups! Doesn't anybody just say "Hi, I'm bored and horny let's screw"? At least I'm honest about what I want...good enough looking guy just looking for WEEKDAY fun!" Let me answer you: Because you tell a person "I'm bored and horny let's screw" does NOT make you a grown up, it makes you ridiculous and juvenile. And nobody on there knows if you are a "good enough looking guy" since you will not post your pictures and NO I will not give you my phone number so you can send me one and harass me.  Ugh!

You also write that nobody on this site has a right to judge you. Well GUESS WHAT?  I do have the right to judge you on POF.  Why? Because that is what dating websites are for. We are the judge and jury to decide if we want to communicate and meet someone. Using the site can help you weed through the people we do not want or would like to date.

So please do the women of Sioux Falls and radius a favor, take your profile to a website for people that want that kind of crap and let those who want to meet people that are serious about dating and relationships be able to look though their messages and not cringe from horrifying messages like yours!



P.S. Take TrueFreak420 and Goodtime69 with you to the other sites too!