First there was New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) then there was Backstreet Boys (BSB) then there was NKOTBSB and now there is Nick and Knight.

Let me explain. A few years ago NKOTB joined forces with BSB for a tour they called NKOTBSB. And it was awesome. I went, bought the t-shirt, the whole nine.

Now one member of BSB, Nick Carter, and one member of NKOTB, Jordan Knight, are going out as a duo.  There will be an album release and a tour.

While I love Nick, he is my favorite Backstreet Boy, I do not love Jordan Knight. He used to be my favorite New Kid until he totally was a jerk face.

Let me explain. Jordan Knight had a brief solo career with a minor hit song, 'Give It To You'  He did a small tour and played the bowling alley in Sioux City. No, that wasn't a typo, he played the bowling alley.

Anyway, I went because he used to be my favorite. I even brought along my Jordan Knight doll from when I was a wee lass because I figured since he was playing a smaller venue he'll totally hang out and sign autographs and take pictures after the show.

Boy, was I wrong!  When the show was over Jordan sat in a red Durango outside the bowing alley while his opening act hung around outside and signed autographs and took pictures. They were going to be taking the same car to their hotel so Jordan literally sat in the car and waited for his opening act who was being nice to HIS fans!

JERK!  Some of the older, inebriated, die hard NKOTB fans were not having it! They yelled things like, "I never liked you anyway! Joey McIntyre is my favorite!"


Anyway here is a little promo video of Nick and Knight complete with album release date and tour dates!

So anyway, I'm facing a dilemma. I love Nick, but I hate Knight! What is a girl to do?

Should I buy the album? Go to the show?

I'm leaning towards, No.

Will you check it out?