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    Crime and Crime Again

    Sioux Falls Police say a laptop and a handgun were stolen from an unlocked apartment on North Elmwood Ave. in West Sioux Falls.  Total loss was valued at around $1100.00.

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    Walmart Round 2

    Proposed south Sioux Falls Walmart up against a 2nd legal challenge.  Some area homeowners want a judge to stop the city from issuing a building permit because of what they contend was some misleading ballot wording.  This is along with the Tuesday arguments on the issue of alleged improper annexation of land for the store.

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    Throw Away the Key

    One of 9 men accused of trying to pay for sex with underage girls at the Sturgis Rally has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Michael Francis Fox Jr., 44, of Owings MD also lost his 2007 Suziki and must register as a sex offender.

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    Rain, Rain Go Away

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    What They Really Want

    In a new survey, here is what Moms want for "Mother's Day":

    1. 44% of mothers say they want quality time with you.

    2. 29% want gift cards.

    3. 28% want flowers.

    4. 26% want jewelry.

    5. 26% want a meal out.

    The average person will spend under $100 on Mother's Day . . . but 2% of people will spend over $500.