1- A plane crash killed 4 men Sunday night in a central South Dakota. The plane was flying from North Texas and intending to land near Highmore South Dakota when it allegedly hit a wind turbine. Pilot Donald "DJ" Fischer and 3 passengers Nick Reimann, Logan Rau, and Brent Beitelspacher were all killed int the crash.

2-Tornados stormed across Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, Monday night and early Tuesday. At least 11 people were killed Monday, bringing the overall death toll from two days of severe weather to at least 28.

3-Sioux Falls Police are looking for suspects who stole a washer, dryer, and a surround-sound system from a house in the 300 block of West Devitt Drive.  Total loss estimated around $30,000.00.

4-Here is your Tuesday morning weather forecast according to the NWS in Sioux Falls:


5-A lot of movies had strange names before their final, official titles are set.  For instance, "E.T." was originally called "A Boy's Life" . . . "While You Were Sleeping" was known as "Coma Guy" . . . and Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven"was initially going to be called "The Cut-Whore Killings".  Check out more HERE.

Have a great Tuesday!