I wear glasses.  However, I was lucky because I didn't need glasses until Junior year of High School.  Unfortunately for me, I was just getting my braces off when my eyes went to crap.  Seriously?

I should have known I would need glasses someday because my dad has terrible vision.  For the most part my vision is pretty good.  I just can't read signs that are super far away.  Just a smidge near-sighted.

For the most part, I don't mind wearing glasses.  I think they can add flare to an outfit and are just another way to show personality.  I also think, the geek chic kind of thick black rimmed glasses on certain guys is very attractive.  I love nerds! (I can say that because I am a nerd.)

I have contacts as well and choose to wear those when I feel like it.  Glasses are easier most days though.

I found this list on Buzzfeed.com of The 43 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses.

I can relate to most of them and totally agree.

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