3 Doors Down played The South Dakota State Fair Sunday evening and it was a great show!

The band is so good live.  Everybody was so spot on!

They played all the hits including 'It's Not My Time,' 'Let Me Go,' 'Loser,' 'When I'm Gone,' 'Kryptonite,' and my personal favorite, 'Here Without You.'

After the adrenaline rush from the show had settled we decided to walk the fair for a bit and check out what delicacies we could find.  I tried deep fried cookie dough on a stick.  It was good, but it just got to be too much.  It was too heavy for the stick and dare I say it, too sweet.

Then when I arrived back to Sioux Falls, I had to stop by the station to trade my car for the station vehicle only to find that someone had put tootie fruitie wrappers on my windshield wipers! (Andy!!!)

All in all, it was a great day at the fair!