Imagine buying 2 college football tickets and getting the rest of the home games for FREE!!! Well last weekend I took my annual vacation to Miami. I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan and I have been going to a game each year since 2004. This year, I checked the college football schedule and Florida International was playing their home opener on Friday night. Well with the Hurricanes playing on Saturday at noon, I thought, hey "2 games in 2 days"!

As we were going to the ticket window at FIU stadium, they were selling the tickets for $42. I was thinking that was a great price for a college football game so I bought 2 tickets but instead of getting 2 tickets, I was handed 12?!? Well it turns out, they did not have any "single game" tickets available, if you wanted to attend the game, you had to buy season tickets for the rest of the season.

Oh and get this, for an extra $25, I would be on the booster club and my name would be in the program! So if you need tickets for this weekends game against Bethune-Cookman...I can hook you up!