The saying 'time is a cruel mistress' couldn't be more true. You were just going along, living your life, having fun and BAM, you realize that you're coming up on your 20th (or 30th or 40th) high school reunion. What happened? Well here's a dozen facts that might freak you out a little:

Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was at the beginning of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Nirvana's Kurt Cobain has been gone for 20 years.

If Bart Simpson were a real person who aged, he would be 31.

I remember the first time I saw "00" for graduation year on letterman's jacket. Kids in high school right now were born in the year 2000.

The first Friends episode aired 20 years ago … and the final Friends episode aired 10 years ago.

For us Minneapolis people, Prince's 'Purple Rain' was released 30 years ago.

Forrest Gump is 20 years old this year.

Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction was 10 years ago.

Jerry Seinfeld was 35 when Seinfeld started. He is now 60.

1998 is as far away from right now as the year 2030

It was 34 years ago Monday that Led Zeppelin played their final show with the original members. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have only done a couple of charity shows in the years since.

Remember when "oldies" radio stations played the Supremes, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis? They're now playing Boston, The Eagles and The Police!