It's funny when I meet new people and they know all kinds of stuff about me. I even had a listener say, "I know so much about you I feel like I know you!" So here are 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I used to own a bar where we broke a world record for the Longest Karaoke Marathon! 360 Hours 5 mins and 18 seconds. We did it November 2007. I do believe it has been broke since. I myself sang over 300 songs during the 15 days we did this. I lost my voice after the first day but got it back the next day!

2. I am a certified auctioneer. I went to school for Auction Marketing. I am technically a Colonel. Which is an honorary name given to auctioneers dated back from the war. So I could be called Colonel Mel!

3. I was President of my FFA Chapter and I still have my birth control jacket!

4. I would LOVE to be a voice of a cartoon character! I would make a great witch!

5. I started going gray when I was 21!!! I have been coloring it different shades of red since then. But yes, I am a real redhead!

6. I decided I would be a radio DJ when I was 14, I went on the air when I was 17.

7. I used to be a photographer at Glamour Shots. Say cheese!

8. I can make my knuckles move. Here is a video. It's weird.

9. I do not have 100 purses. I have over 100 pairs of jeans. Purses I only have 7.

10. I have weird phobia's. Like going to the gym, housework, using public restrooms (it can make me gag), and the jaws theme song gives me anxiety.